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Our Philosophy

At Golden West Acupuncture and Wellness we have a Stress less philosophy.

Our clinic is specifically designed to combat stress. From the moment you walk in the door you are greeted by a caring, well-trained staff.  Our treatment rooms have absolutely comfortable, adjustable treatment tables designed with you in mind,  low lights, and meditative/contemplative music playing gently in the background.  We offer aromatherapy to soothe you while you lay back and fall into a state of deep relaxation. While you are resting, the acupuncture needles are working to balance your entire body, whether you are there to combat chronic pain or manage your life’s stress. Balance is the key, and we focus on helping your body achieve its best possible state. Emotions settle, pain recedes, and quality of life improves dramatically when a body is more centered and soothed.

I love helping people combat stress with acupuncture. It is so rewarding to watch people transform right before my eyes. ~Dr. Stacie Shain

About Us

When we look at stress as a state of being rather than just an emotion we might be able to see what a significant impact our daily lives have on our health.  Work stress, physical stress,  unhealthy relationships, improper diet, not enough sleep….all these things can dramatically  impact our health as well as deminish our quality of life.  Physical symptoms like acid reflux, allergies, diabetes, headaches, addiction to alcohol and tobacco and even weight gain might all be consequences of chronic stress.

We may not want to look at what we do each and every day that contributes to our stress because often the very idea of making necessary changes is well……….. STRESSFUL.  However it is so important for everyone to understand that even very small changes to our daily routine and habits can have tremendous effects to our overall health and well being.

There are many ways that acupuncture reduces stress.  First and foremost acupuncture is VERY relaxing.  I know that may seem hard for some people to believe but in fact evidence shows that acupuncture effects the body at the molecular level.  The same hormones excreted in the bloodstream as a reaction to stress can actually be blocked with acupuncture. The effects are IMMEDIATE.  In addition, acupuncture creates a state of balance deep within the body so the effects continue even after you leave the clinic. If you are someone who deals with stress on a regular basis you owe it to yourself to try the stress reducing and restorative effects of acupuncture.

I’ve only had one treatment at her new clinic but I am so impressed with the setup and décor. It has a calm and soothing atmosphere and the hour went by in a flash. Of course I felt immediately better, although I am being treated long term for a chronic illness. Stacie has a professional manner but is also clearly warm and understanding. She impresses as truly interested in your background and medical issues and you feel confident that she can and will “fix” you. I have and will not hesitate to refer my friends and others who could benefit from her treatment. Thank you Stacie for being my doctor.


When first entering the Golden West clinic I felt myself relax. It is like entering a spa or retreat. I really couldn’t believe how peaceful and comfortable I felt in the amazing treatment chairs, very zen. Dr. Shain is attentive and caring, she takes special effort to make sure you feel safe and confident. One of my treatments was for my elbow which has been so bad it kept me up at night. Dr. Shain gave me an acupuncture treatment and a laser treatment for the elbow and something in my ear. Not only was I out of pain I slept so well that night I was amazed. I can’t say the elbow is completely healed with one treatment but it has remained better for several weeks. I am looking forward to my next weeks appointment.


Dr. Stacie is the consummate professional; you will feel respected, heard, and incredibly well treated. I plan to continue treatment on a bi-monthly schedule until we decide to move to a longer maintenance timeframe. The option to come back to a more frequent basis is available my mutual agreement. I came into treatment with some skepticism; I became a firm believer in this treatment modality. I so appreciate having a friend as my treatment professional, and I highly recommend her services to you.


Dr. Stacie has a gentle and calming touch; I not only feel relaxed and pain free, I feel listened to and pampered. My first visit to her new office was last week; what a treat she had in store. Amazing adjustable table/bed covered in cozy sheets, plump pillows, and the most pleasurable warm water neck cradle.. I tend to zone out and have fallen asleep a few times! The ambience is so conducive to relaxation and leaving your world at the door and entering into the gentle world of acupuncture. Her use of essential oils adds a nice dimension to the rest and relaxation!


My first experiences were of Stacie coming to my home and treating me in a comfortable corner of the house that was quiet. Dr. Stacie is soft spoken, calming, and explains each step of her assessment and treatment. Not only did my S/I pain diminish and almost totally disappear, we found that I was very responsive to the relaxation site needles, and I could physically feel the calming happen within minutes of those first needles (very slim and hardly felt). We started out on a weekly regimen, and have moved to a bi-monthly schedule.


Stress Less

I often wonder if people realize the dramatic impact stress has on our body.  Stress is a normal part of every day life, in fact in some situations the stress response can be life saving.  By nature our body is designed to react to stress.  Chemicals and hormones are released into our bloodstream at stressful times and prepare us in the event we need to quickly react to a situation.  These short bursts of chemicals can suppress functions that are not needed for immediate survival.  The pulse quickens, you breathe faster, muscles tense more oxygen is needed in the brain, digestive, excretory and reproductive systems stop working normally.  Typically when the threat passes systems in our body act to restore normal function to the body.  So short term stress is natural and quite necessary at times.  The problem is that in today’s society the stress we are under is not short term.  When the bodies typical response to  stress goes on too long or when the source of stress is constant it can be harmful and down right dangerous to our health.  Not to mention the functions that are suppressed during acute stress become part of our EVERYDAY life.

For many of us stress is such a normal part of our everyday lives we don’t necessarily notice the impact chronic stress has on our bodies.  Digestive symptoms, headaches, infertility, sexual disfunction, irritability, insomnia, depression, anger.  Lowered immune functions like reoccurring colds or flu as well as physical pain can all be a symptom of long term stress in the body.   Over time the chronic stress could lead to serious health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, weight gain, anxiety disorders and this list goes on and on and on…… get the picture.

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