golden west acupuncture and wellness

Our Philosophy

Our Mission at Golden West Acupuncture and Wellness is to provide you with a refreshing down to earth approach to medicine.

Our clinic is specifically designed to eliminate stress. From the moment you walk in the door, you are greeted by our caring, well-trained staff. The treatment rooms have comfortable, adjustable treatment tables, low lights, and meditative/contemplative music playing gently in the background. We offer aromatherapy to soothe you while you lay back and fall into a state of deep relaxation. While you are resting, the acupuncture needles are working to balance your entire body, whether you are here to combat chronic pain, headaches, or simply manage your stress. Balance is the key, and we focus on helping your body achieve its best possible state. Emotions settle, pain recedes, and quality of life improves dramatically when a body is more centered and soothed.

Meet The Team

Our team brings to the table a diverse amount of experience, knowledge, and unique talents. What we share in common is a love for our community and a desire to get to know and help each individual who walks through our door.  It is a joy to come to work and an honor to listen and support you on your path to healing. Come meet us and we will welcome you with open arms.

golden west acupuncture and wellness

I love helping people combat stress with acupuncture. It is so rewarding to watch people transform right before my eyes.

~Dr. Stacie Shain